Dos and Don’Ts for Buying a Property to Earn Rental Income

Dos and Don’Ts for Buying a Property to Earn Rental Income 700 457 Goldenstar Promoters Pvt Ltd

An investor, who is looking to buy a property and lease it out, should approach the process with a lot of forethought, to get optimal returns and avoid a serious financial setback from a wrongly-chosen property. Here’s what you should consider, when looking for an income-generating property.

From the initial choice, to finalising the purchase of your first rental property as an investment, there’s plenty of planning and work involved. You should begin hunting for your rental investment property with an unbiased approach, to the areas and all of the properties in your investing range. Let us have a look at the foremost things that you need to consider, when trying to find the best rental property.

Examine the location and the project, for existing and planned public parks, shopping malls, gymnasiums, cineplexes, public transportation and all the other factors that would conceivably entice tenants. You can use developers’ project brochures and also do online research, to determine the availability of such facilities in a neighbourhood.

You also need to know what new developments are coming up and what has been zoned for special purposes by the local municipality. Ideally, you should look for a region with excellent growth prospects, where schools, business parks, shopping malls and entertainment zones are either already in place or planned.

Property taxes
Property taxes aren’t standard across the board and as an investor intending to earn money from rent, you should know about how much you will have to shell out, as taxes.

High property taxes are obviously justified in very good areas, which are superlatively connected. Such areas also usually attract long-term renters. Locations in upcoming growth corridors should be preferred.

Educational institutes
Your tenants may be a family with kids, or intending to have kids, who would prefer areas which are near to one or more good schools. The presence of quality schools in the area you invest in, will positively impact the worth of your investment. Remember, the total worth of your rental property comes into play, when you finally sell it, even though you’ll be mainly concerned with earning monthly rentals in the interim.

Job market
Areas with growing employment opportunities have a tendency to draw more people – meaning more renters. Obviously, the most desirable situation for you, would be to own a rental property near to or well-connected to an established or rapidly-growing workplace hub, with reputable companies active and generating jobs there.

Project quality
Today, rental home seekers prefer projects, which add value to their lifestyle. Good projects with the best lifestyle deliverables, may be out of their purchasing reach, but they expect to get such facilities in a rental home. Projects with amenities like gardens, children’s play area, sitting area for elders, reliable security and professionally managed maintenance, are always preferred by families hunting for rental flats. The ambience inside the complex is very important to them.

Rental amount

You should be aware of what the typical rent in the region is. Make sure you find out enough about the region, to judge where it is headed in the following five years. Property taxes may rise and even if you can afford them now, significant developments in the area which increase property taxes, may make them less affordable.

Single-family homes often bring renters looking for long-term leases. A dual-income family is preferable over single professionals, as they are likely to pay their rent on time and to be fiscally stable. Hence, as a landlord, look for areas, where it is easy to find such tenants and where such properties are available.

When you’ve narrowed down the right location, look for a property that can potentially yield steady and growing rental income, as well as appreciation on the capital value of the home. Consider properties which are within your budget and slightly above it, as well. The slightly costlier options can be paid for by some bank leveraging and developers may be open to negotiating the price.

Also, remember that a property can become even more desirable, with some modifications and cosmetic changes, which will attract tenants who are willing to pay higher rents. Such changes to the property will also serve the purpose of increasing the sale value of the home, in case you want to put it on the market after some years of good rental income.

Every state and every city has areas, which have suitable and excellent properties when it comes to rental potential. In Pune, areas like Undri, Kothrud and Ambegaon, are excellent locations for rental properties, because of the consistently high demand. In Mumbai, the more cost-effective locations in Navi Mumbai, such as Koparkhairane, Airoli and Ulwe, are very good options, although property prices are naturally higher there.

Do your research well and ensure that you have your finances in place, if and when a very good option comes up. Remember, real estate investing does not begin with purchasing a rental property – it starts with creating the finances where you can purchase a rental property.

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